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A Simple Fall Cleaning Checklist for Offices

When it comes to office cleaning, there's no time that's more important than the fall. While spring and summer cleaning is certainly important, fall cleaning helps to prepare the office space for the dreaded cold and flu season inevitably coming soon. So this is why it's a great time to invest in commercial office cleaning...
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How Can Businesses Benefit from Janitorial Services?

janitorial companiesWhile every business owner likes to think their office space is kept clean and tidy, that isn't always the case. Even if an office looks clean, that doesn't necessarily mean it is. In fact, the average desk in a workplace can be home to 10 million bacteria. This...
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How to Keep Your Office Clean and Healthy This Summer

During the warm, sunny summer weather, most people aren't thinking about cleaning their office space. While it's true that the heavy flu and cold season is behind us, that doesn't mean everyone is safe from getting sick or spreading germs.

Reasons to Clean

Increased Bacteria: With the weather being hotter, that means there's a higher chance of bacteria...
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5 Simple Ways to Promote Health and Wellness Throughout Your Office

As an employer, it's up to you to make sure your employees are healthy and happy. Unfortunately, many employers don't do enough to encourage their employees to make healthy choices. So to help you make sure you aren't one of those employers, we've compiled a few tips to help your employees remain healthy all year...
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Preparing Your Office for Summer: What to Know

Warm weather has finally arrived! And now it's time to make sure your office is prepared to handle the heat. There are many important tasks that should be done in the springtime to keep your office in good shape. To help you get started, this article is going to discuss three important things that should...
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Spring Cleaning Can Help Boost Productivity in Your Office

In an office space shared by multiple people, things can get messy and unorganized quickly. When an office space is dirty, cluttered, and overall a mess, employees tend to be able to focus less and become less productive as a result. Because of this, it's important to ensure an office is clean all year long....
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Delaware Flu Cases Reach Highest Level Over Last 5 Flu Seasons

delaware commercial cleaning servicesDelaware residents are experiencing the highest level of flu illnesses over the last five flu seasons. Nationally, there are unusually high levels of confirmed flu cases as well. The Division of Public Health (DPH) reported that there were 650 lab-confirmed flu cases recorded in Delaware...
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5 Tips To Follow To Avoid Getting Sick at the Office this Winter

People get sick every day. Thousands of people are getting colds, cases of flu, and other viruses all over the world right now. Where are these germs coming from? Virtually everyone who comes down with a cold gets it from someone they spent time with that also had a cold. Germs spread so easily from person...
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Keep Your Office Germ-Free This Winter With These Cleaning Tips

Winter is a time for getting cozy in your favorite sweater, making some hot cocoa, and spreading germs and viruses to your co-workers. With flu season off to a strong and nasty start, it's important to ensure you're doing everything you can to protect yourself and your co-workers from getting sick. This can be hard...
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