Do You Know How Many Germs Live on a Desk?

Many people are always surprised to learn about how unclean the average office environment is. According to The Daily Mail, the average keyboard, chair, and computer mouse are all home to roughly 21,000 germs per square inch. This is shocking, and as a business owner, it's something you should be actively preventing. The best way to keep dirty desks and germs at bay is by hiring office cleaning janitorial services.

How to Keep the Office Clean Office

Running a business takes up enough time without also having to constantly worry about whether your office environment meets the highest standards of cleanliness. The worst thing is that not doing anything about the unsanitary situation can result in more sick days and reduced productivity. In that case, the best thing to do is leave it to the professionals. By hiring office cleaning janitorial services, you and your employees get to enjoy a squeaky clean and germ-free office environment without lifting a finger. This leaves you with more time to do what you do best.

Benefits of Hiring Janitorial Services

There are more benefits to hiring a janitorial service to prevent germs from colonizing office desks. As mentioned, the biggest benefit is that it prevents the spread of disease and frequent sick leaves. Your bottom line can benefit greatly from reduced absenteeism due to employee health problems. The good news is that professional office cleaning janitorial services can limit the spread of disease by regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces and shared spaces like desks. Remember, your employees are your biggest assets, and it's your duty to keep them protected by ensuring their desks and the overall office environment are always clean and sanitary.

Finding the Right Janitorial Services

There are several factors you need to consider when looking for commercial cleaning services that deliver quality results. The biggest factor is the company's experience level – make sure you choose a company that has been serving businesses for many years in your area. Additionally, it's best to work with a company that employs trained and screened employees you can trust. If you want to promote sustainability, you should also consider hiring a company that only uses eco-friendly products and supplies.

According to The Daily Mail, desks also tend to be dirtier than toilet seats. Don't let your office be part of such shocking statistics. Please get in touch with us if you need commercial janitorial services.