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Working in an office can be very stressful, especially when you have a messy work environment. In addition to an increase in exposure of harmful bacteria in the work office, which leads to more used sick days, an unclean office can leave employees working slower and less productively. Here are a few of the ways having a cluttered work environment can negatively impact your company’s productivity.

Physical Drain

When a person is constantly surrounded by an unorganized environment, it can create tension or strain. This causes them to wear out more easily, leaving them to be sluggish and less-than-productive. People who are surrounded by clutter typically describe the sensation as if they are "suffocated" by the mess. In addition, too much clutter can track dust, mold, and other allergens that can cause physical suffering.

More Sick Days

The dirtier an office is, the more likely it is that there will be a spread of germs. During the flu season, germs can be spread around on just about any surface. If these surfaces aren’t clean, more and more employees will get infected, which means they’ll have to take more time off. Not only is that an issue for the company due to lack of productivity, but it also puts a strain on other employees. Employees who take unexpected sick days are more likely to feel stressed and behind in work, which can limit productivity even more.

Negative Feelings

Employees want to be proud about the place they work and strive to find a position with a company that has pride in itself. However, if an employee is stuck in a cluttered work environment, they may find themselves second guessing their position. Dissatisfaction in work can lead to a decrease in productivity and may even lead to higher turnover rates and training expenses. By keeping a clean office, employees will feel comfortable with their environment and are less likely to develop negative thoughts about the company.

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Don't let your employees become dissatisfied with their work environments. If your company is in need of the commercial cleaning services Delaware offices, warehouses, and other commercial buildings require, make sure to contact us for more information about our services.

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