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Gemini Janitorial Services was founded in 1984.

At that time, Janet Killian decided to focus on providing commercial janitorial services after spending years in residential cleaning.

She grew the company carefully, one team member and client at a time. Although there have been many changes in the industry over the years, you can expect the best value for your investment because we take the time to assess your needs carefully.

Our quick response to emergencies or problems is the Gemini Janitorial Services difference! We clean and maintain any commercial or industrial facility. Our clients include financial institutions, medical facilities, schools, office buildings and industrial institutions. Gemini Janitorial Services specializes in Construction Clean-Up

During the proposal process, we work with you to determine the best schedule and always try to work within your budget. When things change, we are flexible enough to find the perfect solution. You and your staff will be proud to work in a shiny office professionally cleaned by the Gemini Janitorial Team!

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