3 Things in Your Office That Are Dirtier Than You Think

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of keeping our surroundings hygienic. Areas that seem clean may not be so. Bacteria and viruses can survive for longer than 24 hours while thriving on surfaces such as door handles, phones, and worktops. Commonly touched surfaces must be cleaned regularly, especially in busy surroundings, and these three items are dirtier than you may think.

3 items that are dirtier than you think are:

1. Office Phones

Office phones are one of the most common office items teeming with germs. According to tech republic, office phones have an average of 25,127 germs per square inch. If you're sharing a phone, it's imperative that it needs to be wiped a few times a day with sanitizing wipes. Even if you aren't sharing the phone, it's important to keep it clean since germs may live on surfaces for several hours or longer.

2. Office Equipment

Most office personnel utilize office equipment such as printers and copiers. Not everyone washes their hands regularly after using and touching the common areas. Most bacteria and viruses are transferred from person to person after operating these devices. It's important to keep sanitizing wipes nearby so you can wipe down the buttons before and after using the equipment. Professional commercial cleaning service providers are also trained in cleaning and sanitizing such equipment.

3. Water Dispenser

This is another popular spot frequented by office workers many times during the day. Water bottles are handled by different people during transport and delivery. The cold and hot water taps are touched by most of the staff as well. It's better to carry your water bottle from home. Water dispensers also need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Mold can also form due to the moist surfaces, hence the need for frequent checks.

As normalcy resumes and people troop back to the office, it's important to keep your desk, keyboard, door handles, coffee maker, microwave buttons, and other commonly used items clean and sanitized. This will also prevent common colds, flu, and other diseases that are easily transmitted.

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