Who Knew Staying Focused And Staying Clean Were One In The Same?

Sometimes, the messiness of your home can be a pleasant and relaxing reminder that you’re not at work. You might leave the laundry unfolded and leave the dishes in the sink to do later because at home, you’re not under a deadline, you’re not always trying to be productive, and you’re just trying to decompress and enjoy it. However, being at the office is another thing altogether. Why, you might ask? We’re here to tell you with these three office cleaning tips:

It’s a health issue
 It’s an office. It’s designed for more people and therefore more people are using and touching everything available to them. It’s actually in an employer’s best interest to employ cleaning services since there are health, safety and welfare requirements for employees outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act. Practices that may seem routine to you, like eating at your desk, are unhygienic. Many studies have actually shown that offices, which are basically public spaces, can cause health problems when not appropriately cared for. For instance, the top places for germs in an office are on a mouse and keyboard and studies have found that a toilet can be up to fifty times cleaner. Obviously, more germs mean a higher risk of illness, and more employees potentially out sick means less productivity. And let’s be honest: no one likes to use their sick days for when they’re actually sick.

It’s about efficiency
 Being clean and tidy at the office actually promotes focus and effectiveness. When a cleaning service comes in regularly and desks aren’t cluttered with piles of paperwork and other business items, workers are inspired to stay on task and take a more organized approach to their entire workflow. Not only does this boost productivity, it actually boosts morale and lowers stress levels. When there’s less clutter and more cleanliness, again, employees can remain more present and benefit their employer more consistently.

It’s about economics
 Not only does a regular building cleaning schedule keep the staff you have happy and healthy and therefore more productive, it can also attract more employees, a higher standard of employees, and obviously, clientele. A clean office inspires productivity and trust. A dirty cluttered office isn’t a place anyone wants to spend their time. The discontent it can create spreads into the work being done and into the overall motivation and self worth of the office.

Presently, only 25% of workers feel that their workplace is clean enough. That means that 75% do not. Do yourself and your employees a favor: take these office cleaning tips to heart and employ professional office cleaning services to keep your office and the working minds it accommodates feeling fresh and organized.