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Author of a new children’s book

Janet is the author of the children's book "Howl of A Day". Will Carlos ever be a firehouse dog? After being teased and discouraged to the point of giving up, Carlos discovers his most important gift. This story was published in 2020 and already has several 5-star reviews. Grab your copy here!...
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Commercial Cleaners Deliver a Clean Safe Work Environment

It is now more important than ever that businesses and offices use the services offered by a professional local commercial cleaning service. COVID 19 has changed how we do business. It is more important than ever that you have a local commercial cleaning service on your side that you can depend on. Commercial cleaners can help...
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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Local Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services go beyond keeping your office sparkling clean. They also help keep your employees healthy. Given that one in four people will show up to work even when sick, common areas must be properly sanitized. For perspective, the CDC estimates that flu viruses can survive on surfaces for over 48 hours. This can lead...
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6 Traits Your Cleaning Company Should Have

Did you know that the average work desk houses as many as 10 million bacteria? In fact, work desks can have even more germs than an office toilet seat—400 times more germs to be exact. That’s why most companies seek professional cleaning janitorial services to sanitize their offices, especially nowadays when cleanliness is more important...
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Make Sure Your Construction Project is Finished Perfectly

Your project is not complete until the post construction cleaning is done. Having the experts manage your construction cleaning will ensure that your project has that completely finished look. The cost of post construction cleaning should be considered as part of the job cost. Professional construction cleaning services deliver a range of benefits that can help...
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How to Get Post Construction Clean Up in Delaware

Construction sites get messy pretty quickly. On just about every construction site, there is debris caused by digging up the ground, tearing down old structures, moving sticks and yard materials. Rocks, trash, and other materials have a way of building up and creating a huge mess. When work is being performed anywhere, whether the project...
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How to Find the Right Commercial Cleaning Service

Workspaces get dirty. Dust collects in the workplace the same way it does in your home. The difference is that employees don't typically clean their own work areas. Carpets need to be cleaned, windows washed, bathrooms scrubbed -- there's a lot of cleaning tasks that need to be performed. A commercial cleaning service can take...
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7 Great Tips to Help You Choose a Suitable Janitorial Service Provider

Everyone wants to live in a clean space with fresh air. A clean office is an important factor for business success. Work desks have more germs, up to 400 times, more than office toilets. Instead of hiring a full-time janitor to perform cleaning jobs, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service. However, there...
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