We Use Green Chemical-Free Supplies

The health of your staff and our team is very important.  Studies have shown that reducing the amount of chemicals present in the workplace has a beneficial effect on the immune system, resulting in fewer illnesses.  New research even suggests that cutting back on chemicals can even help with chronic conditions. The skin on your hands can become irritated by common ingredients in a wide variety of cleaning products, including glass cleaners and metal polishes.  Nitrobenzene found in many furniture polishes can even cause skin discoloration in some people. Chemicals in cleaning products, especially those that come in spray form, can also have a detrimental effect on indoor air quality.  One study conduced the The American Thoracic Society found that regularly using spray cleaners increases the risk of developing adult asthma.   At Gemini Janitorial Services, we use the proper eco-friendly cleaning products that produce better results.