The Top Three Benefits of Professional Construction Cleaning Services

Renovating a home or office can be a truly exciting time. After all, who doesn't love living or working in a newly remodeled space? However, it's common for things to look worse before they get better, meaning, construction can be a messy business.

For example, most construction or remodeling sites are rife with tools, equipment, debris, and of course, dust. During the midst of an office remodel, it can be difficult to envision what the end result will actually look like considering how seemingly messy everything appears to be. Luckily, professional construction cleaning services can help to enhance the look of a home or office remodel by leaving the space spic-and-span.

Cleanliness is often considered to be next to Godliness and it's easy to see why. Simply put, living or working in a clean space just feels good, which is why professional commercial cleaning services, such as construction cleaning services, are so important, especially after a recent remodel. Here are three -- out of several -- reasons why commercial and residential cleaning services are so essential.

Construction cleaning services not only leave a space in tip-top shape following a model, but professional cleaning can help to reduce the amount of allergens, dust, and germs. For example, roughly 25% of water cooler buttons harbor illness-causing bacteria. Furthermore, research has shown that office phones have an average of 25,000 bacteria present per square inch. Taking advantage of professional office cleaning services following a remodel will allow employees to work in a sanitary environment, which in turn, may reduce the number of sick days used.

Remodeling an office is an excellent way to increase employee job satisfaction and productivity, and so is maintaining a clean office. A work environment that is both ergonomically designed and clean allows employees to focus on the task at hand by being free of distraction. Time after time, research has shown that the happier an employee is, the harder he or she will work.

Only 25% of workers feel that their work environment is clean enough. A space that is both newly renovated andclean can reinvigorate employees and fill them with a sense of pride. They will be more likely to appreciate a new space that is both clean and modernized, compared to an outdated, dirty one. Therefore, employees will be more likely to take pride and make an effort to maintain the cleanliness of a space if they feel an effort is being made by management to keep things tidy.