Should Your Office Be Using Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Services?

Have you thought about the cleaning products used in your office lately? If not, it may be time to do so. Over the past several years, more and more people have begun to realize the harm harsh chemical cleaners can cause, especially in office environments. So if your office invests in commercial cleaning services, why should you ask them about using environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies?

No more chemical smells: One of the biggest problems with chemical cleaners is the strong smell left behind. While chemical cleaners certainly get the job done, having strong, harsh smells in an enclosed office area can be uncomfortable. Employees may get headaches from the smell or feel the need to go to another area, significantly decreasing productivity. But when natural, environmentally-friendly products are used, there's no harsh chemical smell. Commercial cleaning services can leave the office area smelling and feeling fresh and clean.

Healthier employees: Hiring commercial cleaning services is a surefire way to ensure your employees will be happy and healthy. But when you request the use of natural, environmentally-friendly products, your employees don't be exposed to harmful chemicals -- and neither will the environment. If you're looking for a way to boost health and productivity in the office, getting rid of chemical cleaners is a good place to start. Without having to breathe in or ingest harsh chemicals from cleaners, employees will be healthier.

Less residue left behind: There are a lot of surfaces in an office environment that need to be cleaned. For example, there can be some 21,000 germs per square inch on the average chair, keyboard, and computer mouse in an office area. So these surfaces obviously need to be cleaned thoroughly. But when chemical cleaners are used, they can often leave a residue. Not only can this residue be visibly and physically noticeable, but it can transfer the chemicals left behind onto the person touching the surface. This is particularly problematic when it comes to eating after touching chemical-ridden surfaces. Overall, using natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning products won't leave harmful residue behind.

By making the switch to natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, you'll be doing your office and the environment a huge favor. Your employees will be able to work in a safer, healthier environment, and you can feel good about making an environmentally-friendly choice in the workplace.