Nature All Mighty: Why More Professional Cleaning Services Are Using Natural Products

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. Even though bacteria, germs, grime, and dirt are invisible to the naked eye, they can still pose a threat your health and well being.

Environments such as offices, schools, and restaurants can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria to accumulate and transfer from person to person. For example, research has shown that office phones have an average of 25,000 bacteria present per square inch. In addition, nearly 25% of water cooler buttons are teeming with illness-causing bacteria. This is why it's so common for several people to get sick in the office at the same time. As such, it then comes as no surprise that only 25% of workers feel their workplace is clean enough.

While it's difficult to complete eradicate all the kinds of bacteria and viruses that are commonly found in homes and offices, cleaning and janitorial services are an excellent way to maintain a sanitary environment. Also, maid and janitorial cleaning services are perfect for those who are too busy to properly clean their home and they are especially perfect for offices.

However, while germs can make people sick, harsh and toxic industrial or chemical cleaners can do the same too. Many contain caustic ingredients that can be deadly if mixed with another cleaner. Also, many cleaners can cause irritation and have strong scents that may cause an allergic reaction. Not only are many of these cleaners bad for germs, they can be bad for you and the environment as well.

As such, many of the top commercial cleaning companies now use eco-friendly cleaning products and methods that are just as effective, but much less harsh. For example, one of the best professional window washing tips money can buy is to use plain white vinegar to clean glass to a streak-free shine. While vinegar has always been associated with window washing tips, it's a powerful but all natural cleaner that can also be used as a disinfectant.