How Many Germs Are Lurking in Your Office? The Answer May Surprise You

Think that your office space is spic and span? Think again. Germs are lurking everywhere around your work space, from the desk to the break room to the bathroom. Here's a breakdown, by the numbers, of how many germs you're likely to encounter on any given work day.

  • At the Desk: If you're like most office workers, you spend the majority of your day sitting in front of your own computer. You may think that the only germs sitting there are your own, but they can travel and transfer as you take trips to the bathroom, talk with colleagues, or inevitably eat a snack at your desk. The average computer chair, keyboard, and mouse each contain some 21,000 germs per square inch.

  • On the Phone: Though everyone has a personal cell phone these days, a communal office phone likely has 25,127 germs per square inch. Which is not to say a personal cell phone is any cleaner; some studies say that your smartphone likely has more germs on it right now than a dog food bowl.

  • In the Breakroom: Researchers have found that the handle of a coffee pot is likely one of the first places germs will spread in an office. Door handles, light switches, and water fountains are also hotbeds for bacteria buildup.

  • In the Hallway: You're not even safe once you leave the immediate office area. A shared hallway or elevator among several businesses increases the traffic of people, and thus the possibility of encountering germs. An average elevator button will contain millions of germs.

So what's an office manager to do to protect their workers' health and safety? Hiring commercial cleaning services regularly will help keep your employees healthy and your office spaces clean. You might also train your workers on commercial cleaning tips and tricks to keep germs at bay between cleanings.

A clean office is a happy office, and a happy office is a more productive office. Don't let germs get in the way of your business. Hire commercial cleaning to keep you and your workers healthy day in and day out.