Local Commercial Cleaning Service Can Help You Reduce Sick Day Costs

Experienced local commercial cleaning service helps to keep your commercial property clean and healthy. There are over 21,000 germs on every square inch on keyboards, mousepads, desks, and chairs. That is a lot of germs that can get employees sick.


A local commercial cleaning service can help to keep the germ count down. Cleaning janitorial services that are focused on using the right cleaning products to not only clean but to disinfect the workspaces can help to keep sick days down to a minimum.


The Cost of Sick Days


In the US the average business losses due to sick days are tremendous. According to the CDC, the average cost of sick days to US employers is about $216 billion. Doing what you can to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace can reduce costs for your enterprise.


Cleaning janitorial services help to prevent the spread of sickness by keeping your commercial property sparkling clean and disinfected. Passing the common cold does not just happen through the air. Doorknobs, handrails, kitchen or break room utensils can all carry the cold virus and spread it to the next person.


An experienced cleaning service does not just clean what you can see, they clean the areas that can spread viruses and bacteria. Elevators, stairwells, break rooms, light switches, and more can all be harbingers of disease that a cleaning service in Wilmington DE will disinfect as they clean.


Commercial cleaning keeps the spread of germs down and has other added benefits like a fresh clean space for people to work in. Productivity can be increased by providing a clean space for your employees.


Why a Local Commercial Cleaning Service is Best


When you choose a local commercial cleaning service you are choosing to fortify the local economy. Local business owners are more committed to delivering satisfaction because they are part of the same community as your business. They have a vested interest in seeing other businesses in the community do well. They also know that they are likely to run into the clients that they serve.


A highly experienced local commercial cleaning service is a great option for any commercial property owner that wants to ensure their property stays in great shape. Learn more about the commercial cleaning services available in your area.