Keep The Spread of Flu Down In The Workspace

Cleaning services for your office goes behind delivering a great aesthetic for clients, and employees. Professional cleaning services keep workspaces safe. Did you know that one out of three people report that they go to work when they are sick?

Germs can spread like wildfire through your workplace especially when you do not have regularly scheduled commercial cleaners on board. Cleaning and janitorial services can help to keep your workspaces healthy.

How Cleanings Services Keep Germs At Bay

No matter how many times the firm puts out information about staying home when you are sick, employees will come to work when they are sick. Some people cannot afford to stay at home because they cannot afford to lose the hours. Some people believe that coming to work while they are sick to get the job done shows the enterprise how dedicated they are.

Whatever reasoning, people come to work sick all the time. Most people know that sneezing, coughing, and even breathing can spread germs. Most germs are airborne, and just the simple act of breathing can open up other employees to exposure to colds, flu, and more.

Unfortunately just being in the presence of someone that is sick is not the only way germs are spread in the workplace. Keyboards, doorknobs, copy machines, shared printers, break room furniture, handrails in stairwells, elevator buttons, are all catalysts for spreading germs.

While employees can avoid other employees when they are sick, they cannot avoid doing their job and touching all the things around the office that can make them sick. For example, flu viruses can live on a surface for up to 36 hours according to the CDC. A cold virus can last up to seven days on a hard surface.

How Can Commercial Cleaners Help Keep Everyone Healthy

Experienced cleaning janitorial services not only tidy up but they provide the disinfectant cleaning that assures germs cannot spread like wildfire through your office. Attention to detail like cleaning handrails and doorknobs can help to keep contagions at bay.

Of course, you also get all the aesthetic benefits that you want for your workspace as well. Cleaning services can help to keep the need for sick leave down and convey the message you want to convey about your office spaces.