A Few Important Cleaning Supplies You Might Not Have in the Office

Did you know that the average office desk can house up to 10 million bacteria? It might sound like a ridiculous number, but the truth is that every surface in your office, if not professionally cleaned, could be harboring just as many, if not more, bacteria.

It's easy to assume that simple, routine cleaning would get the job done, but that's just not the case. If you don't have certain pieces of office cleaning equipment, your workplace is likely a lot dirtier than you think. Here are just a few of the many pieces of equipment that professional office cleaning services can offer to help keep your office clean.

Hard Floor Cleaners
Hard floor cleaners are the most common commercial cleaning services tool, and they're important, too! If you want to keep your tile or hardwood floors looking their cleanest, these tools are absolutely essential. They're expensive, and odds are you'll only make use of them if you hire commercial cleaners.

Vacuum Cleaners
You might have a regular vacuum cleaner around the office, but it's definitely not going to clean your carpets in the same way that a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner would. Like hard floor cleaners, they're pricey and a staple for the vast majority of professional office cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaners
Keeping your carpets clean is paramount in any office space, but sometimes a simple vacuum cleaner just won't do the trick. Your office carpet can harbor more dirt and bacteria than almost any other surface because people are constantly walking on it. This makes it one of the most important to keep clean. If you don't have the right tools, which you likely don't if you're not employing commercial cleaning contractors, it could be irreparably dirty.

Bleach is not a cure-all for office cleaning. In order to keep surfaces as clean as they can possibly be, it's important to know the right kind of cleaners to use. One of the most important reasons to hire an office cleaning service is just that -- they're trained and have expert knowledge of what cleaning products to use at what times.

Keeping a clean office means more than just wiping down counters and computer screens. Don't let your office become a breeding ground for bacteria.