How to Keep Your Office Clean and Healthy This Summer

During the warm, sunny summer weather, most people aren't thinking about cleaning their office space. While it's true that the heavy flu and cold season is behind us, that doesn't mean everyone is safe from getting sick or spreading germs.

Reasons to Clean

Increased Bacteria: With the weather being hotter, that means there's a higher chance of bacteria growing throughout the office. Bacteria thrive in warmer climates, meaning surfaces should be cleaned more thoroughly. Already, there are 10 million bacteria on the average desk. So with an increased risk of bacteria growth, it's more important to stay on top of office cleaning tasks than ever.

Allergens, Dust, and Dirt: While indoor air quality is important all year long, it's even more important in the summertime. With more people tracking dust, dirt, and other allergens inside the office, it's important to remove these contaminants as efficiently as possible. This will keep employees healthy and productive while at work.

More Time Off: During the summer, more employees take time off to go on vacation or spend time with families. In doing this, they can often leave their workspaces unattended and the fridge full of spoiled food. Because more employees are coming and going throughout the summer, it's important to keep up with commercial cleaning tasks.

Important Cleaning Tasks

With the help of professional office cleaning services, you can ensure your office will be clean and comfortable all summer long. One of the most important summer cleaning tasks to have done is to have the AC vents and light fixtures cleaned. With more allergens in the air, it's important to ensure AC vents are cleaned and working properly so clean air can be filtered throughout the office. Additionally, light fixtures should be cleaned so employees can have adequate lighting to work in. And aside from desks and communal surfaces being wiped down, summer is a great time to have professional office cleaning services take care of cleaning the windows. With the warm weather, more people may want to open the office windows. And with clean, shiny glass, that warm sunshine can shine through with ease.

Just because it's warm out doesn't mean germs can't still spread throughout an office. With the right cleaning services and some cooperation from employees, everyone in the office can enjoy a healthy and clean summer workspace.