Get Professional Cleaning Help Because Your Office is Filthy

If you work in an office, you probably aren't aware of how dirty your office actually is. Because offices are, for the most part, kept clean to the untrained eye, it looks like they are sufficiently clean, or at least clean enough. That's not the case in most offices, however, as germ buildup causes significant amounts of filth throughout the building. That's why it's so important to work with a professional commercial cleaning service.

Even if you think you're thoroughly cleaning your office, you're probably missing a lot of the dirtiest areas. Professional commercial cleaning services can help keep your entire office clean and can kill those unseen germs that you are unaware of. Here are a few extremely dirty areas where professional commercial cleaning teams can clean.

The majority of offices have some sort of carpet and it rarely looks filthy. You might have a worker run a vacuum across the floor once every couple of nights but that doesn't kill all the germs that are deep inside the carpet. So much bacteria can buildup inside an office carpet because of all those people walking across the floor, every day, for weeks and weeks at a time. If you could physically see how much dirt and bacteria are currently in your carpeting, you probably would be ripping the floors out right now. Don't overdo it, though, and just hire a professional cleaning company.

Your work desk can be a feeding ground for all kinds of germs and bacteria as well. Think about how often you've had a snack at your desk or spilled your coffee, after a while all those food and drink particles can buildup and even cause a nasty odor. Your desk, and especially your keyboard, are covered in filth and you most likely need professional help to fully clean those surfaces.

If your office has an elevator, you should really think about it professionally cleaned as soon as possible. So many people come through the elevator every day but no one ever cleans them aside from picking up an item of trash or two. The walls, floors, and buttons can be very dirty and should be professionally cleaned. On average, a single button on an elevator can harbor millions of germs.

It's time to have your office thoroughly cleaned so you can get back to working in a great environment. Contact Gemini Janitorial Services and Supplies for professional cleaning today.