From Construction Cleaning to Office Cleanup, Here’s Why You Should Seek Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether you work a white-collar office job or experience the rigor of construction work on a daily basis, there's a good chance your work space isn't as clean as it should be. Office germs can lead to a drastic decrease in productivity, and the last thing a construction worker wants to do after a hard day's work is clean up their mess.

Fortunately, commercial cleaning services are available so you can spend more time focusing on your job and less time worrying about cleanup. Office cleaning is necessary to avoid spreading germs, and construction cleaning is ideal for teams who work long hours and don't want to deal with scrubbing mud tracks left by their boots. Here are just three of the many industries that benefit the most from commercial cleaning services:

  • Construction cleaning services. Commercial cleaning services were essentially made for industries like construction, and more companies are beginning to realize just how much it can expedite their work day. A cleaning service can wash every surface inside the building, vacuum/wax floors, and do just about anything else to leave your work site looking cleaner than ever. As an added bonus, you'll probably end up saving money by seeking their services instead of having workers clean up. According to HomeAdvisor, construction cleaning can cost between $150-$950, and wages can add up to be much more than that if your workers do their own cleaning.
  • Office cleaning. If office workers could see the germs that fester in their workplace, they would be hesitant to even step foot in the office. For example, the average desk has a whopping 10 million bacteria, and there are millions more on keyboards, mouses, and phones. According to a National Health Interview Survey, the flu is responsible for 200 million days of diminished productivity and 75 million days of work absence. Simply put, failing to properly clean your office will expose your employees to germs that could force them to take sick days, which will have a dramatic effect on your company's productivity.
  • Schools and medical facilities. It is absolutely crucial to seek commercial cleaning services for schools and medical facilities because of how many people cycle through them each day. All hospitals and doctor's offices should know that their workplace is a breeding ground for germs, and ailing children who sneeze and cough make schools just as vulnerable. Commercial cleaning services can keep your school or medical facility clean as a whistle and help you avoid the spread of germs.

Try to find a great commercial cleaning service in your area that can do all of the above jobs, in addition to many more. Every workplace on the planet can use a little cleanup, and you can't expect to receive the best results possible without the help of a professional.