Commercial Cleaners Increase your Profits

Hygiene in the Work Place

The average keyboard, chair, and computer mouse have over 20,000 germs per square inch. The average work desk has more germs than an office toilet does, in some cases up to 400 times more. The average elevator button is home to over a million germs.

These may sound like some crazy made up statistics, however they are all 100% true and verified. Not only are these numbers a bit gross, but they can be completely avoided by hiring commercial cleaners. The resistance to hiring commercial cleaners is usually due to an added cost that eats into the bottom line. However, year after year, it is well documented that one of the LARGEST expenses to businesses, is sick days taken by employees.

$576 Billion. That isn't the cost of hiring commercial cleaners. Commercial cleaning is actually quite inexpensive. That big number there, that is how much money businesses in the United States lost last year due to sick days being taken by employees. Sick days are one of the largest business expenses out there, and many businesses are not even aware of it.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Let's break down why having a clean office space can help boost business profits so much. First, what we have already touched on, a clean office space decreases the number of sick days being taken by your employees. This one is pretty obvious.

Having a clean and sanitary work space can also help boost employee productivity. It has been well established that multi tasking reduces efficiency and productivity. Having your employees double as janitor services is not an effective use of time. Janitorial cleaning should be done by commercial cleaners. Employees should be focused on customer service, sales, and other important business activities. Keeping a clean work space helps employees stay focused on the task at hand.

Having a clean work place also casts a positive, professional image. If you have ever worked in sales, you understand the importance of a professional image. Regardless if you have prospective clients wandering through your work place or not, having commercial cleaning services can help employees bring a higher level of professionalism to their jobs because they know that you care about keeping a clean office.

Having a clean and sanitary office can also boost company morale. Having a high moral is important to help meet company goals. By showing your employees that you take their health and safety seriously, you help increase their morale. Let's be honest, nobody likes being sick, and everyone loves making money. There are very, very few employees who would prefer being sick at home, then working and earning money at their job. Show them you care by providing an environment that they can work in without bringing home the sniffles.

Hiring commercial cleaners can also help free up extra office space. Commercial cleaners bring all of their own supplies with them. That means no storing extra sprays and mops and cleaners in random places throughout your office. Keep that space for what it is most needed for: helping your business run smoothly. Keep the clutter away, use office cleaning services.

Regardless of what your motivation is, keeping a clean office space is necessary for your health and your employees. Keep morale high, and let yourself focus on the most important tasks for your business. Cleaning? That is our business.