6 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Local Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services go beyond keeping your office sparkling clean. They also help keep your employees healthy. Given that one in four people will show up to work even when sick, common areas must be properly sanitized. For perspective, the CDC estimates that flu viruses can survive on surfaces for over 48 hours. This can lead to the spread of contagious diseases among your staff if proper cleaning is not done. Luckily, local commercial cleaning services can help you to disinfect surfaces to get rid of bacteria and viruses.

Most companies tend to skimp on the recruitment process, leading to lots of regrets later on. Not doing enough research on the potential candidates is the first mistake. Here are the other six common blunders to avoid while choosing commercial cleaners.

1. Ignoring Cleaning Company’s Specialization

Most companies offer both residential and commercial cleaning services. However, it is essential to note that domestic cleaning supplies may never work within your office space. Choosing a company that focuses on home cleaning may result in shoddy work. Check out the company’s website to understand their specialization. Go through their commercial cleaning checklist and see if the services offered meet your needs.

2. Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service Without Strong Management

A janitorial service company without strong leadership and management offers inconsistent results. You may also suffer from a breakdown in communication, as the supervisors and cleaning staff are not in harmony. Choose a company with an elaborate leadership structure capable of conducting staff training and random checks and inspections.

3. Disregarding the Liability Insurance Coverage

Some activities performed by local commercial cleaning services come with a certain amount of risk of accidents. Hiring an uninsured company may lead to you paying out-of-pocket expenses for workers injured within your premises. Ask to see their liability insurance cover and have a copy attached to the final service agreement.

4. Forgetting About Background Checks

Your employees need to feel safe about leaving personal items within the office. Unscrupulous commercial cleaners will hire anyone that walks through their doors. Or worse, sub-contract the work. You, therefore, have no idea who has free access to your office spaces. Inquire about their hiring process and the different background checks they conduct before hiring employees.

5. Focusing Solely on Pricing

As a business owner, you may be looking to keep your overheads low. However, going cheap may turn out to be an expensive affair later on. Overly cheap cleaning services compromise on quality in order to turn a profit. Unqualified staff and wrong cleaning supplies may be a disaster in waiting. While you should compare different quotations, make sure you dig deeper into their qualifications, experience, and track record.

6. Not Following Up on Company References

Just like you call references while recruiting your staff, you need to do the same with local commercial cleaning services. Past clients’ testimonials can help you get an idea of what to expect, especially in terms of professionalism and consistency. Reputable commercial cleaners will happily provide contacts to past clients that you can contact. Please don’t ignore the customer reviews and complains on their website and other online review sites.

Local commercial cleaning services not only keep your office space sanitary but also protect your employees from illnesses. Overlooking these factors during the recruitment process may result in substandard work. Take time to do enough research on all candidates, and find the right partner for janitorial cleaning services.