6 Cleaning Secrets Only Professional Cleaning Services Know

Most people understand that germs and bacteria are everywhere. In fact, items such as desks and keyboards can hold more than 10 million bacteria or 21,000 germs per square inch. While not all bacteria is harmful, it is important to maintain clean surfaces to reduce chances of contact with those that are.

Protect yourself and your employees by learning how to clean effectively using these six tips.

Use Multi-Tasking Products
Although many manufacturers love to sell specialty tools and cleaning products to customers, sometimes a good disinfecting all-purpose cleaner is all you need. The best products are a disinfecting all-purpose cleaner that is good for cleaning glass, a disinfecting bathroom cleaner, and a floor cleaner that is safe on wood and tile.

Have the Right Tools
Contrary to belief, many janitorial cleaning services and commercial cleaners will tell you that specialty tools are not always needed for cleaning. Microfiber cleaning cloths, a few sponges, detail scrub brushes, plastic scrapers, vacuums, and microfiber mops are all you really need to keep a space spotless.

Grab a Toothbrush
One secret many professional cleaners may or may not reveal to you is the power of the toothbrush. Something as simple as a toothbrush can help you scrub grime out of some of the hardest areas. Experience the power of the toothbrush for yourself and let the strength of the bristles do the hard work for you.

Declutter First
Remove excess items from areas before you start cleaning or dusting. Make sure everything is in its rightful place, then begin the process of cleaning and dusting to achieve the clean look you want. Many janitorial cleaning services offer decluttering assistance to customers for a discounted rate.

Have a Game Plan
It is not recommended to simply walk into a room and start cleaning. Have a plan of action. Start with one point and clean in a circle until you've completed the whole room. Following this method allows you to stay on task and provides less distraction.

Get Low
Once you have gotten to a point where you feel that you have finished or are almost finished, get down to eye level. Look for any crumbs or dust that may have been left behind and address them right away. Think of it as another way of double-checking your work before crossing it off your commercial cleaning checklist.

With the threat of disease and other bacteria increasing due to the warm weather, it is more important now than ever to maintain clean surfaces. The flu virus, for example, can remain on surfaces for up to two days. Consider the above tips from janitorial cleaning services and other professionals and keep your employees healthy and happy.