5 Tips To Follow To Avoid Getting Sick at the Office this Winter

People get sick every day. Thousands of people are getting colds, cases of flu, and other viruses all over the world right now. Where are these germs coming from?

Virtually everyone who comes down with a cold gets it from someone they spent time with that also had a cold. Germs spread so easily from person to person that it can seem nearly impossible to avoid getting sick.

Your coworkers are who you spend the most amount of time with, outside of your family. Whether you like it or not, your coworkers at the office are probably the people that are getting you sick. There are germs everywhere around the office. Believe it or not, a work desk has about 400 times more germs than an office toilet.

If this fact grosses you out, then you'll be happy to know that there are solutions. Whether you are hiring new commercial cleaning services or just tidying up the break room, it is important to keep everything clean and free of germs. Here are five tips on keeping yourself germ-free at the office this flu season.

Wash Your Hands!

Seriously, though, wash your hands. Washing your hands with soap and warm water can help you avoid spreading illnesses to others and also protect yourself from germs that cause the common cold or the flu.

Don't Touch Your Face

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it's amazing how often we touch our face without realizing it. Keep your hands away from your face and mouth while at the office, as they are likely covered with your coworkers' germs.

Keep Your Distance

If you see an office mate with a cold or flu, stay away! At least until the sickness passes. People can spread their germs from up to six feet away.


When germs are flying around the office, keep your tissues and sanitizer handy at all times. Both of these items can help keep germ spreading to a minimum.

Don't Share

As much as you love your coworkers, do not share your stuff when they're sick. Don't let them use your phone, computer, or even eat your snacks if you want to avoid germ spread.

Do you want to avoid getting sick this cold and flu season? Follow these five tips. Remember, a clean office means a germ-free office, and commercial cleaning services are the best way to guarantee a sanitary office environment. Cleaning services can be perfect for keeping the office germ-free all flu season long.