5 Simple Ways to Promote Health and Wellness Throughout Your Office

As an employer, it's up to you to make sure your employees are healthy and happy. Unfortunately, many employers don't do enough to encourage their employees to make healthy choices. So to help you make sure you aren't one of those employers, we've compiled a few tips to help your employees remain healthy all year long.

Have HR talk about healthy habits: Your HR department is going to be a great resource when it comes to keeping your employees healthy. By reminding employees about healthy hygiene habits, sick time availability, and other friendly reminders, your employees will be more prepared to stay healthy. And since one out of three employees still go to work when they're not feeling well, hearing from the HR department that they can stay home when they're sick will help avoid them coming into the office and spreading their illness.

Provide healthy snacks: Everybody loves a good snack, right? So at your next company get together, provide some healthy options for your employees. While brownies and cookies are a common choice, there are other sweet treats that are healthier. By providing healthy snacks for your employees you'll be encouraging them to eat healthier both in and out of work.

Locate accessible Farmers markets: More and more companies are choosing to visit local markets to get food for the office. This is not only a great way to support local businesses and agriculture, but a good way to provide healthy food for your employees as well. It could be a great company activity to regularly visit local Farmers markets or even volunteer at one. Even better, if you have the resources, why not start your own company garden!

Encourage biking to work: Now that the weather nicer, it's a great time to encourage your employees to get outside and get active. While biking or walking to work is not an option for everybody, it's important to encourage those who do have the option. By providing bike racks, and even investing in a few bikes for communal use, you can help those employees who choose to bike have an easier time doing it.

Invest in janitorial services companies: One of the main reasons employees get sick is because they share a small workspace with co-workers. In office spaces, germs can spread rapidly when they aren't cleaned properly. But with the help of professional office cleaning services, you can ensure your employees have a clean, germ-free space to work in. Janitorial services companies can use their professional supplies and knowledge to clean the entire office the right way.

By following these tips, you can promote wellness throughout your entire office. So consider janitorial services companies, provide some healthy food options, and always remind your employees the importance of staying healthy.