What Is the Cost of Post Construction Cleaning?

Construction works are notoriously messy- from heavy machines churning up the ground in the worksite to contractors walking in and out in dusty boots. By the time the project is complete, the work area is full of dirt and debris. That's where post-construction clean-up services come in.

Construction site clean-up is a specialty niche in the general commercial cleaning industry. Whether renovating your home or putting up a shopping complex, post-construction cleaners can help you ready your property for occupation. The commercial cleaning company will carry out a thorough deep clean of the site, ensuring every nook and cranny is in pristine condition.

Hiring commercial cleaners to carry out an after-construction cleaning project can be hectic. It is even harder to determine how much the cost of post construction cleaning is. According to HomeAdvisor, clean-up costs may range from as low as $150 to highs of $950. Several price factors contribute to the final expense. Here is a detailed guide on how commercial cleaners come up with their price estimates.

What Goes Into Post Construction Cleaning?

A construction site clean-up is more than just a simple sweeping. You should expect the cleaners to get rid of all scuff marks on floors and smudges on walls. Here is what to expect:

Rough Interior Cleaning

This is the first phase of the clean-up process. It involves removing construction debris and prepping the floors for flooring or carpet laying. It is usually the cheapest service. Angie's list estimates the price ranges between $0.10 to$0.30 per square foot.

Final Interior Cleaning

It involves a much deeper cleaning after the construction is complete. It is more labor-intensive as the cleaners work on walls, ceilings, floors, faucets, interior lightings, and windows. This phase is more expensive, with an average price of $0.50 per foot.

Exterior cleaning

The last phase of the construction site clean-up is working on the exteriors. It may include removing all the trash and debris, dusting the entryways, and power washing the walkways and concrete. The price range is quite similar to the interior cleaning fee. External windows may attract a higher price tag, with costs averaging $3-$5 a pane.

Additional Cost Factors That May Affect Pricing


Large construction sites typically have a higher overall expense as compared to residential properties. However, they enjoy more discounted prices, with homeowners paying a higher per square foot rate.


A construction cleaning service representative will first take a walk through the property to determine the work scope. The more dirt, the higher the cost of post construction cleaning.

Supplies and Equipment Needed

The cleaners also look at the cleaning tools and equipment required before providing the final estimate. You may need to hire a rental dumpster to carry all the dirt and debris from the site. Most contractors will factor in cleaning supplies in the final costs.


An easily accessible home may have a lower per foot rate than a studio on the 8th floor of an apartment building. You may receive a travel bill if the cleaners have to cover a long distance to reach your place.

A site clean-up exercise is a vital part of any construction project and should be left to the professionals. Understanding the cost of post construction cleaning can help you stay within your budget limits. Ready for a thorough clean-up for your site? Gemini Janitorial Services can provide you with a free quote for your property.