Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Just like home, our office can benefit from a thorough Spring Cleaning.

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Spring Cleaning the Office Refrigerator
Spring has long been the time of year for annual spring cleaning projects around the home. When it comes to safe food handling, however, everything that comes in contact with food must be kept clean all year long — including the refrigerator.

Best Fridge Tips

You probably keep your refrigerator at home clean, but the office refrigerator may be a problem because it’s typically a shared responsibility. Here are some tips that may help.

Keep it at a safe temperature — 40 °F or lower
• Refrigeration slows bacterial growth. Bacteria exist everywhere in nature. They are in the soil, air, water, and the foods we eat. When they have nutrients (food), moisture, and favorable temperatures, they grow rapidly, increasing in numbers to the point where some types of bacteria can cause illness.
• Bacteria grow most rapidly in the range of temperatures between 40 and 140 °F, the "Danger Zone," some doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes. A refrigerator set at 40 °F or below will protect most foods.
• Appliance thermometers for refrigerators are specifically designed to provide accuracy at cold temperatures and can be purchased at the local hardware store.
Keep it clean
• If your office doesn’t already have a schedule for cleaning, why not make it a habit to throw out perishable foods left in the refrigerator at least once a week? A general rule of thumb for refrigerator storage for cooked leftovers is 4 days.
• Wipe up spills immediately before they turn into a major cleaning job. Clean surfaces thoroughly with hot, soapy water; then rinse.
• Refer to the Storage Times for the Refrigerator and Freezer chart for storage guidelines of perishable products in the refrigerator. Print a copy and post on the refrigerator door as a reminder for all who use it.
• To keep the refrigerator smelling fresh and help eliminate odors, place an opened box of baking soda on a shelf. Avoid using solvent cleaning agents, abrasives, and all cleansers that may impart a chemical taste to food or ice cubes, or cause damage to the interior finish of the refrigerator. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Share the responsibility
• Do you feel like you are the only one concerned about the cleanliness of the refrigerator? Make it a food safety issue! Not everyone may realize the importance of keeping all food contact surfaces, like the refrigerator, clean. Because bacteria are everywhere, cleanliness is a major factor in preventing foodborne illness.
• Post this blog on the office refrigerator. Maybe your coworkers will get the hint.
The Gemini Janitorial Services team specializes in cleaning the office kitchen area, including the refrigerator. Give us a call at (302) 654-5310 if your office needs a thorough cleaning.

Employees Can Work Together To Keep The Office Restrooms Looking Clean

Tasks as simple as cleaning excess soap off the interior of a sink, picking up a dropped paper towel, or wiping soap off of the sink faucet before leaving are all helpful in keeping a restroom tidy.

Bathroom Etiquette

The Gemini Janitorial Services team can take care of big tasks such as cleaning toilets and sanitizing door handles. In addition, we will make sure there is enough soap in the dispensers as well as an adequate paper towel supply to serve the needs of office workers.

Finally, employees can add to the cleanliness of an office by making sure they wipe their feet before entering. Even if an employee’s shoes don’t appear to be dirty, there is always some dirt on them that can be wiped off. Consequently, a rug in the entryway of an office is an invaluable item to have.

By wiping their feet before entering employees will be protecting the office carpeting and helping the work of office cleaners.

When you need help Making Your Office Shine, contact the Gemini Janitorial Services Team at (302) 654-5310 or contact Janet Killian @ jkillian@geminillc.net. You can also visit www.geminillc.net for more information.