How to Make Your Office Building a Cleaner Place

Over the past year, people have become more aware of good cleaning practices and the importance of regular disinfecting to help prevent the spread of illnesses. Now, as more people are going back to work in crowded office buildings, many are wondering how they can make their workspace cleaner and healthier. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to help keep your office as clean as possible.

1. Create an Agreed Upon Cleaning Time.

Once you get back to the office, sit down with your team and work out the times that work best for cleaning. If you have slower workdays or times, consider scheduling cleans during them. This can allow everyone to participate and make the work go much faster. Because the average office desk plays host to over 10 million bacteria on average, try to disinfect the surfaces at least once a day. Deeper cleaning can be scheduled for once a month or bi-weekly. You may even consider having a commercial cleaning company come in to ensure a thorough clean.

2. Remove Clutter.

Unnecessary clutter can add extra space for bacteria and illnesses to lurk. Try to declutter your workspace to cut down on the time you'll need to clean every week and the amount of things germs can spread to. This can also help with the overall organization of your space which can boost productivity as well.

3. Dust Regularly.

Dust can cause allergies to flare up and make the office a miserable place to be. By dusting regularly you can help mitigate the allergens in the air and breathe fresher, cleaner air. Investing in an office air purifier can also help with this issue. Miniature air purifiers are easy and discreet to place around the office and they can really make a huge difference.

4. Remove Your Trash Every Day

At the end of every day, take time to empty your trash to remove the risk of pests getting into the office. Open trash bins can be a great beacon to mice, ants, and other vermin that can then spread additional bacteria and illnesses. The trash in bathrooms should also be emptied daily to prevent potentially nasty smells from accumulating in those small spaces.

Staying healthy as you go back to the workplace is important, especially given the last 12 months. However, with these simple tips you can more easily keep your office clean and everyone inside healthy.