How Illness Impacts Your Workforce

Workplace illnesses are costing your business a fortune. A commercial cleaning service may reduce those losses. Influenza (the flu) is responsible for 200 million days of lost productivity, and is responsible for about 75 million days of missed work, according to the National Health Interview Survey. Hiring a commercial cleaning service can help to stop the spread of flu and other illnesses in the workplace. What is your business losing from workplace illnesses?

Paying For Employees That Are Not Working

Most companies offer “sick day” benefits. Sick day benefits are paid to workers that are too sick to come to work. Of all the costs of workplace illnesses, this is the cost that is most obvious. Your business is paying for a service that you are not receiving. Of course, it is important to pay sick day benefits, but if you could reduce the occurrence of sick days, it could be even better.

Most illnesses in the workplace are spread through touch surfaces. That is surfaces that are touched by many people, like doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails, and more. Contracting a commercial cleaning service ensures that those high-touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, which can help to keep the spread of illness down.

Lost Productivity

Complete work stoppage because of an ill employee is not the only way your business is losing money because of workplace illnesses. Many times, employees will try to trudge through an illness and still come to work. However, when someone is not feeling well, they are not doing their best job. Workplace illness can slow productivity down greatly.

Client Satisfaction Can Take a Hit

When employees are not feeling well, they can slack when it comes to providing the best in customer or client care. They may be less patient, and less engaged because they are sick. Of course, workplace illnesses can keep employees out of work altogether, leaving your business shorthanded and unable to meet clients' or customers' expectations.

You can even the playing field when it comes to battling workplace illnesses by hiring a commercial cleaning service. Taking the steps necessary to ensure that your workplace is clean and disinfected is essential to your business's bottom line. If you have not yet connected with a cleaning service that specializes in commercial cleaning, do it today. Call today to keep your workforce healthy and productive.