Facts You Should Know About Shared Spaces

As we begin to move back into a world where working from home is less common and going to the office is the norm for many, we need to start thinking more than ever about the consequences of having shared spaces. Yes, most Americans are used to working in shared spaces; but that doesn't mean that they're necessarily working in them under the healthiest conditions. Unfortunately, it is easier for shared spaces to become dirty faster than it is for individual working spaces; and for that reason, you'll need good janitor services.

With that being said, let's look into some of the things you should know about the risks of shared spaces and why good janitor services are a must.

1. Elevators Are Breeding Grounds for Germs

Think about how small elevators actually are. While we've recently been recommended to keep distance from others, it's virtually impossible to do so when you're riding in an elevator. Not all buildings offer stairs as alternatives, and for that matter, many people are unable to use stairs due to health issues. However, health problems can also be exacerbated by exposure to germs in elevators. The typical elevator button alone can harbor millions of germs. You need to take the steps necessary to ensure that your elevators are as clean as possible.

2. Viruses Spread Easily in Shared Spaces

One of the main reasons why people were ordered to stay home for an extended period of time during the COVID-19 pandemic is that viruses spread easily in shared spaces. When people are pushed to work closely together, they can easily spread illnesses of all kinds, but viruses naturally spread particularly easily. With that being said, spaces must be cleaned constantly, as many viruses lie dormant on them and spread by touch.

3. Kitchens Easily Develop Mold

A major issue in shared workspaces is kitchen spaces. Many workplaces have at the minimum refrigerators and microwaves for their employees to use during lunch, as well as sinks. Some provide even more equipment. Either way, it's easy for them to develop mold, which presents health hazards. They must be cleaned constantly, and only janitor services can accomplish this.

While you may want to clean shared spaces yourself, hire professionals. They will be faster and more effective.