5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Cleaning Company

First impressions matter. When clients visit your office, the first thing they'll notice is its appearance. A clean office can enhance your business's reputation and even attract clients. Conversely, a dirty and untidy office can ruin it and even repel clients. Partnering with a janitorial service can ensure your office remains spotlessly clean.

Also, while your office may appear spotless, it could be harboring hard-to-spot contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. For example, fly viruses that are difficult to spot can survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours. Such viruses can compromise the health of your clients and staff. Partnering with a commercial cleaning service will not only help you to keep your office clean but also eliminate hard-to-spot contaminants.

Unfortunately, hiring a janitorial cleaning company is not a straightforward process. With so many cleaning companies to choose from, choosing the right one for your facility can be difficult. So how do you pick a cleaning company that's suitable for your needs? To help you pick a suitable cleaning service, here's a list of five essential questions you should ask prospective commercial cleaners before settling for one.

1. What Cleaning Services Do You Provide?

First, consider your company's unique needs. Cleaning companies' services usually vary from company to company, each with its unique offerings. For example, if you're looking for construction cleaning services, you don't want a janitorial cleaning company that has never worked on a construction site before. Instead, you want a company that has partnered with businesses that are similar to yours.

2. Do You Vet Your Employees and Do Background Checks?

You need to hire a cleaning company you can trust. You don't want to hire a company you mistrust and keep looking over your shoulder. Ideally, you'll want to hire a company that screens its employees for drug use and conducts thorough background checks to ascertain if employees have a criminal record.

3. Do You Train Your Employees?

You need to know the cleaning company you hire is up to the task. Reputable commercial cleaners usually provide recruits with training. Trained cleaners are more likely to provide excellent service compared to untrained ones. Beyond basic training, inquire whether the cleaning service offers specialized training geared towards your facility's particular needs.

4. Do You Have Insurance?

Ensure your office cleaning company is properly insured. Usually, professional cleaners have workers' compensation insurance, general liability insurance, automobile liability insurance, and an umbrella policy.

Hiring an insured company is more costly, but it can save you money if an accident happens in your facility. For instance, say a cleaner gets injured on your facility, you won't be held liable. Instead, insurance will cover the medical costs. Additionally, insurance will ensure you are protected if the cleaning company is responsible for damages during cleaning.

5. Do You Have Any References or Testimonials?

Some commercial cleaners may impress you with a convincing sales pitch. But don't take them at face value. Ask them for references or testimonials. Reputable commercial cleaners will be delighted to refer you to satisfied clients. You can also go a step further by checking out online reviews to establish the cleaner's reputation.

Choosing a suitable commercial cleaner can be quite challenging. Consider asking the questions above to help you identify a reputable janitorial cleaning company.

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