4 Ways Office Cleanliness Affects Staff Productivity

Most Americans spend a larger portion of their lives in the workplace. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Statistics estimates the average person spends approximately 90,000 hours of their life in the office. Several internal and external factors can affect employees’ productivity. Most businesses tend to focus on tangible aspects such as sales targets, often ignoring the role of intangible metrics such as health, morale, and stress.

Workplace cleanliness is proven to increase the productivity of employees, accelerating your company’s growth and success. Find out how office cleanliness can promote a productive environment and reach out for professional cleaning services from a reputable company.

1. Cleanliness Cuts Down on Sick Days and Injuries at Work

A dirty workplace invites dirt, germs, and dust that cause infections and allergies. The microbes increase the risk of illnesses that have a direct impact on your staff’s productivity. According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, over 4.2 million workers recorded an illness-related absence in January 2018. Professional cleaning services can help create a clean workplace that protects your employee’s well-being.

“Presenteeism,” working while sick, is also as big an issue as absenteeism. People remaining at work while sick and passing on the germs cost the U.S. an estimated $150 billion in productivity annually. Remember that having to work with sick colleagues can affect the morale of team members. You can protect the well-being and health of your workers by contracting an office cleaning service.

2. An Organized Workspace Allows Employees to Focus

The human brain holds a large amount of information and the least amount of stress can throw it off. A recent Princeton Study shows that clutter and overstimulation often cause inattention and inefficiency. The findings are backed up by a 2018 Bond University study that found disorganization affects cognitive, emotional, and relational reactions among office staff.

Clutter within the office space reduces the brain’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand, leading to a loss of productivity. Janitorial services can clean your workspace regularly, helping your employees focus more on their work.

3. Cleanliness Can Reduce Office Stressors and Boost Morale

Professional cleaning services can create a clean environment, which can impact work performance. The refreshing feeling of a clean slate every morning can motivate your workers by creating a balanced state of mind. The organization of untidy surroundings eliminates stress and other physiological issues such as fatigue and depression. It also creates an impression of a dignified and respectable establishment that influences your staff’s mindset. Keep your employees in high spirits by hiring commercial cleaners to keep your office clean and tidy.

4. Cleanliness Can Maximize Working Time

A dirty environment is a productivity killer. Clutter and disorganization lead to tons of distractions. Professional cleaning services provided by janitorial companies can remove trash and other distractions. Your staff will not have to rummage through junk while working, spending more time on tasks that matter. It can also boost employee engagement among themselves, maximizing your office operating hours.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services Today

Employee productivity is directly impacted by the cleanliness and orderliness of your workspace. Office cleanliness also affects how your clients view you especially if you work in a critical industry such as food and healthcare. Professional cleaning services can help you create a clean environment, providing health and professional benefits to you and your staff.