The Dirtiest Objects in Your Office: How to Keep Them Clean

When cold and flu season arrives, many people become more aware of unsanitary conditions that might make them ill. Yet, throughout the year, many items inside your office act like incubators for germs and viruses that local commercial cleaning services could clean and sanitize. Bleach, degreasers, and cleansing materials can help you to clean dirty office items. The following are some of the dirtiest and most-overlooked items in your office that need regular cleaning so that you can maintain a sanitary and healthful workplace.

Food and Drink-Related Items

The water cooler, microwave, and refrigerator generally see lots of use by just about everyone in your office. If you have a coffeemaker, that also would see lots of use by many people in the office. Whether storing lunches, heating them up, or getting water or coffee, many people touch those items daily. The microwave has the additional issue of food accumulating on six interior surfaces.

Soap Dispensers in Restrooms and Break Rooms

Soap dispensers are great for helping staff to keep their hands clean. Unless the soap dispensers are operated by sensors that deliver soap without touching a lever, people have to touch them. Those hands are unclean when they touch the dispensers, so they can collect a lot of germs quickly.

Work Station Items Collect Germs

Office workstations are where workers spend most of their time. They also are where workers deposit most of their germs, which could become very unhealthy. According to The Daily Mail, the average office computer, keyboard, and chair contains 21,000 germs on every square inch of surface area. They require very thorough cleaning with sanitizer, while the flooring needs regular sweeping or vacuuming to remain dirt-free.

Why You Should Use Local Commercial Cleaning Services

Using local commercial cleaning services helps keep your workplace as safe and clean as possible. We have crews, equipment, and cleaning supplies that clean and sanitize your office. Your savings on cleaning products and labor help to offset the cost of contracting our cleaning service.

Our local commercial cleaning services are here for your needs. If you are concerned about the cleanliness and safety of your office during cold and flu season, give Gemini Janitorial Service & Supplies a call or contact us online to learn more.