Office Cleaning 101: Best Practices for Keeping Your Employees Healthy

According to Payscale, one in three sick people continues to go to work, regardless of the knowledge that it's not only bad for their health but their coworkers as well. In today's world, office cleaning janitorial services are more important than ever. If you want to keep your offices clean and your employees healthy, these tips are a great place to start.

Robust Office Cleaning Janitorial Services Are Essential

Having an admin run the vacuum once a week is no longer an acceptable office cleaning protocol. People coming to work when they're still ill is a problem that's not likely to go away. One effective way to combat the risk of these people causing flu or cold outbreaks is to maintain clean offices. It's important to have professional services take care of the office cleaning. A disinfected and sanitized office is less likely to experience an outbreak of illness. Working with a professional team assures you and your employees that safe and effective products are being used. A pro team can also spot any potential issues that need further attention.

Rest Rooms Need to Be Sanitized

Disinfecting cleaning solutions should always be used in the restrooms. Carefully cleaning all parts of the commode is another important way to maintain clean office space. Sinks, counters, mirrors, and floors should all be cleaned and sanitized as well. The cleaning staff should also ensure that all necessary supplies, like paper towels and feminine hygiene products, are stocked as necessary.

Don't Forget About the Breakroom

Anywhere where people congregate, especially where there's food, can be a haven for germs. Crumbs and food debris should be cleaned up as necessary. And the tables, counters, floors, and sinks in the break room should be cleaned and sanitized at the end of the day. Choosing one day a week to clean the refrigerator is also a good idea. Be sure to alert staff that every afternoon on a certain day the fridge will be cleaned and leftover food will be thrown out. A clean break room provides your staff with a little time away from their work. These breaks can be a healthy way to recharge during the day.

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