How a Janitor Could Help Reduce Illness at Your Office

Are you looking for a janitor? A janitor at your office can make a difference in controlling the spread of illness at work. A janitor is responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary office environment, which can help prevent people from getting sick in the workplace. If you are looking for a janitor, here are some benefits of using one.

1. Identifying Ventilation Issues

One of the key benefits of having a janitor in your office is that they can spot and address ventilation, air quality, and temperature issues. For example, a janitor might see that the air conditioning unit is not working correctly or that there is poor ventilation in some regions of the office. If they notice these issues, they can bring them to management's attention so they can be addressed as soon as possible.

2. Controlling the Spread of Germs

Another benefit of having a janitor at your office is that they can help control the spread of germs. A janitor will regularly clean and disinfect common areas such as desks, break rooms, and bathrooms to reduce the risk of illness-causing bacteria growing in these spaces. This is especially important during cold and flu season when germs are more easily transmitted from one person to another.

2. Reducing Stress Levels

By having a janitor at your office, you can also reduce stress levels among employees. A clean and organized work environment can help employees feel more relaxed and comfortable during their workday. Additionally, a janitor will be available to assist with various tasks, such as setting up meeting rooms or responding to requests for furniture or equipment moves.

4. Understanding Correct Cleaning Products

Janitors will also use professional cleaning products and equipment to help keep your office clean and safe. For example, a janitor might use specialized vacuums or disinfectant wipes to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from person to person or common surfaces like desks. Did you know, according to Pay Scale, the average desk is home to 10 million bacteria?

Hiring a janitor is a great way to maintain a healthy and productive work environment for you and your employees. Whether you are looking for a janitor or simply want to increase the efficiency of your existing janitorial services, consider the benefits listed above and work with a professional cleaning company to find the right solution for your office. Give Gemini Janitorial Services & Supplies a call today to see what we have to offer!