5 Questions to Ask a Janitorial Cleaning Company

Hiring a janitorial cleaning company to keep your workspace clean is always a wise choice. However, hiring professional cleaners is more complicated than simply picking a business and scheduling an appointment. Instead, take the time to ask them these questions before you make any final decisions.

1. Do You Provide Cleaning Supplies?

Some companies prefer to use their cleaning supplies instead of yours, but others depend on customers to provide everything. It’s essential to understand who will be providing the supplies used. You’ll also want to ask who will be supplying any special equipment that will be required, such as carpet steamers.

2. What Cleaning Chemicals Do You Use?

It’s essential to ask what chemicals a company uses to ensure they will suit your business's needs. For example, disinfectants should be used in high-touch areas to kill germs. According to Chron, a typical elevator button is home to millions of germs, so you want to make sure a company will use highly effective products to clean spaces like these. You may also want to ask if the chemicals being used are environmentally friendly.

3. What Hours Are You Available to Clean?

The specific hours during which a janitorial cleaning company can work may vary. Take a moment to determine the most appropriate time to have your place of business cleaned. For example, a busy office owner may prefer to have cleaners come after hours. Ask about a company's hours before hiring them to ensure they can meet your needs.

4. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Hiring a company with plenty of experience helps ensure the job gets done correctly. Be sure to ask how long a company has been in business. The more years they have under their belt, the more efficient and reliable they are likely to be.

5. Can You Provide Any References?

Reputable cleaning companies should have a list of previous or existing customers who can act as references. Contacting these references will help you gain valuable insight into a company's quality of service. Be sure to ask specific questions to ensure you're making the right decision, such as inquiring about the company's punctuality and responsiveness.

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