Testimonials from Our Valued Customers

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased we have been with Graciella's performance. She is a tireless worker, and keeps Denbigh Hall looking especially nice. She is also very pleasant, and just an all around joy for us. In fact, every member of your staff with whom I have interacted has been wonderful. Please let Graciella know how glad we are to have her.

Denbigh Hall,

We have made everyone go to the kitchen to see what a wonderful job Domingo, Dulce, Inez, and Antonio did!!!

What a great crew!

If we do this in 6 months or in a year, we would love to have them again.

Thanks so much, Janet, for all your help, patience with our questions, the delay, and doing a terrific job for us. We will definitely recommend your service to others."


P.S. Cliff, our maintenance man, tells people they might need sunglasses to go into the kitchen! Ha!

Lolly Gross,

Just wanted you to know that the staff you sent to clean the AKSE kitchen are great.

They are diligent and are doing a wonderful job with this nasty kitchen of ours without one complaint.

Even when one of our office ladies came in to look and pointed out something that needed to be done, I told Domingo and the man who had worked on it was understanding and went back to complete the job.

Another lady who scoured one of the stoves, stuck with it from the time she arrived until they left for the day. I teased her that it was her "baby" and she might have to take it home last night. Such a difference from what it looked like when she arrived!

But they ALL have pride in what they are doing.

Look forward to seeing their completed job."

Lolly Gross,

I have had the pleasure of using Gemini cleaning services for the past 2 ½ years at Cherry Island Landfill. They have done an outstanding job for me and their work performance is of the highest of quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Joe Rowe, Supt , George & Lynch (our first client in 1984)